The Moonies

Why did a whole wave of late 1990's Adelaide bands like Flat Stanley, The Miltons, The Happy Patch suddenly give up on indie pop?

Who is Larry Carroll?

What drives Home For the Def to be so damned prolific?

Who was ousted from the Guided By Voices Australian tour for "political reasons"?

What caused the Crown & Anchor skinhead riot in April '97?

Why did The Mad Love Bah close down?

Why did Mental As Anything, Gaslight Radio, 2 Litre Dolby, Icecream Hands and other interstate acts just stop coming to Adelaide?

How many couples really did marry at the Valentine's Day '97 mass wedding at Boltz Bar?

And was it really pokies that drastically changed Adelaide's live music scene for all time?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in the many wonderous releases by the Moonies.

Moonies Ladies & Gents… cover

The Moonies
Ladies & Gents… - 12" LP - SD004

The Moonies Sorry, I Didn't Know You Were In There cover

The Moonies
Sorry, I Didn't Know You Were In There - CDR LP - SD007

The Moonies On TV cover

The Moonies
On TV - CD LP - SD009

The Moonies At the Movies cover

The Moonies
At The Movies - CD LP - SD010